Plain band double plush black justin 8117 Herman
United headband lined plush oil justin 8117 Herman
Bandeau uni doubled plush ecru up 8117 Herman
United headband lined plush navy justin 8117 Herman
Bandeau uni doubled plush mastic justin 8117 Herman
Plain headband lined plush pearl justin 8117 Herman
Plain lined plush pink headband justin 8117 Herman
Single headband double plush taupe justin 8117 Herman

JUSTIN 8117 | Adult chunky knit headband with plush lining

Prix €22.90 Prix soldé €16.95 Save €5.95

Description: Hand knitted chunky slanted headband with microplush lining. Solid color coordinates of the Mix and Match range including various models of scarves, headbands, gloves, mittens, hats and neck warmers.

Available sizes: One size fits all that adapts to all head sizes.
Composition: 30% wool + 70% acrylic
Interview: Hand wash recommended.
Manufacturing country: Made in China

Collection: Autumn winter

Nothing more simple! Take a meter tape. Then position the meter around your head where the hat would rest (in principle between 0.5 and 1 cm above the ears). Do not squeeze the meter too hard, otherwise you may make a measurement error.

Once the measurement is complete, find your size in the table below. If your main size falls in the middle of two sizes, choose the largest preference. The hat will be all the more comfortable.

If, in spite of everything, you want to reduce the size of your hat, we propose in our products size reductant cork strips.

Available sizes: S= 55 cm/M = 57 cm/L = 59 cm/XL = 61 cm