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What hat to wear when you're invited to a wedding?

No need to be invited to Prince Harry's wedding to wear a hat at a ceremony. But how do you wear the hat when you are invited to this kind of event?
The hat, it's the accessory that will make a difference on your tenuree, giving him a more fancy, more wanted look or then a more casual look, it's at the choice. ButHow to choose?

Top 10 tips that will help you choose a hat to participate in a wedding:

1) Choose a hat that matches the shape of your face.
If you don't know how to make that choice. I invite you to read our article containing all the valuable information on this subject: What hat to choose based on my face?
2) The capeline for a chic look
The capeline is the most classic hat cut which will add a key ofelegance and femininity to your outfit. Opt for a black felt capeline for colder periods and a beautiful straw capeline for lighterness in summer and that will allow you to be protected from the sun if it is strong present during the aero. Si your outfit is hippie-style chic, don't hesitate to choose the capeline that will only strengthen your look.

3) Trilby for a classic look and easy to wear
A trilby-shaped hat will add all elegance necessary for your holding, whether you are a man or a woman. Easy to wear for all, the trilby hat knows how to get done discret while accommodating your holding with a trendy accessory.

4) Respect the color code of the marriage
If the brides chose one theme for their marriage, your hat will be ideal for making accessory office colored corresponding to the wishes of the brides. You can then play on customizing your hat ribbon for example. Avoid white, color intended only for the bride.
5) Think about your hairstyle
In order to avoid being decorated at the party, pensure to fit your hairstyle to your hat or your hat to your hairstyle. So you will wear a hat more easily with a low braid or hairstyle, with smooth hair or unattached hair.
6) In winter, choose felt
If the marriage takes place in winter, rather think about choosing a felt hat who will give you a more appropriate look for a wedding through the additional elegance key it will bring to your outfit, while staying well warm, with maximum comfort.
7) The boater, for fashionistas
The boater remains the part tending to adopt for a wedding with more look casual. Perfect for a bohemian look and the tip of the trend.

8) The flat cap, for a vintage look and trend
For Sir, the flat cap will fit perfectly to a dandy look, a look chicA cap that will allow you to be warm or safe from the sun depending on the season. Instead, use a Range-type cap cut that will more easily fit all stylesIdeal for reuse your cap daily. Although generally worn by man, the flat cap will also bring an old school side to your female outfits.

9) Adapt your hat to your outfit
Of course, Don't forget to fit your hat or cap to your outfit, the style that matches you and especially the colors of your clothes. Your headgear must stay a subtle accessory that compliments your outfitand not the other way around.
10) Customize it
Last advice for the most creative of you: don't hesitate to customize your hat with a small detail that fitting with your outfit. This will give you an even more sought after and elegant style.
Now that your outfit is ready, just think about having fun during the party!

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