Le masque, nouveauté dans nos collections

The mask, new in our collections

The facemask or anti-pollution mask: why this new product in our range ?

Did you know that theparitcules finewhich escape from engines, heaters ect. are recognized as carcinogens some by the WHO (particles less than 2.5 micrometers).Particles that are invisible to our eyes but can do damage to our body.

As humans breathe 15,000 litres of air in a day to satisfy their need for oxygen, we are increasingly many to want to protect us. It would even become a necessity, especially with more and more frequent pollution peaks.

This anti-pollution masks, are the most effective solution to protect against the damage of air pollution on our body. That is why at Herman we have taken the position to offer you a useful, effective and discreet product.

This mask can also be used asanti-fog, anti-fog, anti-dust, anti-smog, cofrom germs respiratory (pollen, allergies ...)

Practical information

Our masks work with filters to be placed inside the fabric. They come with two refill filters. It is also possible to purchase additional filters.

This mask is not intended for use during sports activities.

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