Listing produits de protection - Commandes  pour professionnels

Listing Protection Products - Orders for Professionals

Here is a products available for our professional customers.For any price request or order, please contact us via the website's contact page.

Amerigo: Anti-projection fabric mask. It also protects you from dust, germs, pollution. It also protects your face from cold, mist, vehicle exhaust and passive smoking. It is used with charcoal filters.

Amerigo Filter: Charcoal Filter Amerigo mask.

Mikado:The with filter children's version.It looks like the Amerigo but in adapted size and with more playful colors.

Colombo:The mask same qualities of the Amerigo mask, with a one-way breathing valve allows for gentler and more comfortable breathing.

Privato:The custom Amerigo mask with your logo.

Marcos : Three-fold mask. This mask is a single-use anti-projection mask. The outer and inner layers of the mask are made of unwoven materials. The inner part consists of a non-woven filter blown by fusion. Spandex elastic and soft plastic nasal fastener.

Vasco: fullprotection visor.Clear visor for clear vision. This product can be worn comfortably with most masks and goggles. Reliable protection against splashes, particles and flying debris.

Banjo:For maximum comfort when wearing the mask, we offer the Banjo product. This silicone protective band locks the elastics at the back of the head ears. The Banjo band has 3 attachment points and is compatible with most masks. You can customize the tape with your logo.

To receive the technical sheets and images of these products, please request us by email website. Quick response.

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