Le retour du bob

The return of the bob

This is not the accessory we would have imagined back and yet! This summer the bob is the trend to adopt.

Be careful, not just any one. Gone is the total streetwear look of the 90s. The new bob adapts to trendy and elegant silhouettes. We choose it colorful for the summer, more sober in winter version.

You can do it bring to the city as well as to the sea. It will be a perfect ally to protect you in all circumstances: in full sun but also in case of a temporary shower.

The bob is a small round and soft hat, usually made of fabric. In addition to being stylish, it is Easy to carry. It can easily fold into your bag, pocket or suitcase.

bob trend man was hat

Man or woman, this hat fits everyone. Depending on the patterns and colours, it will bring a modern touch to your summer looks.

You'll die of envy, is it the accessory that is missing from your wardrobe? Click here to see our Bob Herman Summer Collection.

women's accessory trend bob


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