Idées cadeaux fête des mères - notre top 10 !

Gift Ideas Mother's Day-our top 10!

Soon the Mother's Day And the eternal question: " what am I going to Offer To my Mom ?"

For You Inspire, Here is a selection of Gifts for moms From our summer collection.

This year, even more particularly because of the confinement, you may be away from your mom, but remember that we can Directly deliver The package at Your mom, for easier. A nice way to do it A surpriseOffer a gift at a distance.

1. The headscarf-a chic present

It is chic and is worn at all ages. With this gift, no problem of size. An elegant surprise that will please all the moms. The scarf exists in other colours.

Ballerina Herman Pink Foulard

2. The cap-a gift-everywhere gift

The Agusta cap is an ally of everyday life. The advantage, a gift that has been present but also in mid-season. Practical and classic, it exists in a beautiful palette of colors, to find the happiness of all.

Agusta pink baseball cap

3. The straw hat-a stylish gift

Trend, this straw hat can be worn both to the sea and to the city. Agréable to wear, it will be able to make its place in the most classic looks of the most januted.

Female straw hat-Herman Headwear

4. Anti-uv capelin-A gift that protects

The fabric capelin to the advantage of offering optimal anti-uv protection (UPF 50) while being elegant. Easily foldable, we win everywhere. It exists in beige, burgundy and blue.

Herman Headwear anti-uv hat

5. The straw hat in child and adult size-the winning duet

All the moms have already dreamed of it, being dressed like her mini-moi. This straw hat is perfect and will go like a glove to the whole family. If you take the duo, you are waiting for your photos:-)

Chapeau straw adult child Herman Headwear

6. A fabric bob-the practical gift

In a little time, you will fold it in your bag, in your pocket or in the bottom of the beach bag. This bob takes little space and it will be able to follow your mom everywhere. A bit like you were with her.

Herman Headwear blue flower

7. Mid-season cap-a warm gift

That the one who never knew a frilous woman, throws me the first stone. The bonnet Edmond 081 is a mid-season cap or warm winters. It will always be useful, one evening during a ballad on the sea or a sweet morning in the spring.

Gray summer cap-Herman Headwear

8. The softshell band-A sports gift

For the most sporting of them, you are advised the headband in softshell. Perfect for running or any other sporting activity. Light and comfortable.

Sports headband Herman Headwear

9. The hat straw hat-a non-demodable gift

The pea scarf is an intemporel, like our straw hat. It is not for nothing that it is one of our bestsellers. Conquest 025 has already conquered thousands of women. Why not your mom?

Straw hat visor Herman

10. The gift-the gift without fail

It is always possible to offer a good gift on our webshop. Your mom will be able to choose what she prefers. You'll give her a little shopping. An easy and friendly gift.

Herman Headwear gift voucher

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