En hiver 2020/21 ... place à la douceur

In winter 2020/21 ... place to sweetness

Summer has not yet passed that we already want to tell you about our winter collection and the colors we will adopt. With a great desire for sweetness and warmth ... here's a quick look at what awaits you next winter.

This year, we mark the great return of green...

A green sometimes MintSometimes khaki or even bottle green. A whole series of soft and warm tones for a green winter.

Herman green cap

But not that ...

you'll also find a whole range of soft and cocooning colours like the old rose, mustard, eggplant and burgundy.

Mustard scarf

For more peps ...

You can discover new colors in our mix and match range, including our famous Justin 8100 cap.

Mix and Match Herman Headwear

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