Comment entretenir son chapeau de paille ?

How do you maintain your straw hat?

Sunscreen, ice cream and Mojito ... your hat has become slightly greasy!

Sprinkle the hat coarse salt and spend a tmoist fruit of lemon water. Then Rinse the hat passing a damp cloth of clear water.Remove excess water with a dry sponge glove, then let it dry at room temperature.Don't dry your straw hat with artificial heating because the hat will then deform.

Is your Panama really dirty?

Apply a paste made up ofoxygenated water and talcThen let it dry just under an hour. After that, there is only one Rub your hat with a soft brush and above all, with delicacy. For the tasks of Mold, you can pass a toothbrush soaked in thewater mixed with ammonia.

Put away his straw hat!

Are the holidays (already) over? Ideally, we advise you to store your panama in a damp room, such as your bathroom, which will allow the straw not to dry. The fibers need moisture to maintain some flexibility. Pdare your hat upside down, so as to prevent it from collapsing. Has your hat become soft? Spray it with starch to give him a little stiffness.

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