A range of products tested and certified to standards for protection against the dangers of the sun. What does that mean exactly?

By wearing a product guarantees UPF, the customer makes sure to be protected from harmful sun rays which can cause serious illnesses, the most common being skin cancer.

For this reason, the foundation against cancer recommends the use of UPF hats from our Herman brand. It allows us in this context toassociate its logo to our products.

UPF products but also trendy!

By offering you a UPF range, we wanted to offer protection-type products, while keeping products beautiful to wear.

A range of products to find here: UPF Collection.


Why protect yourself?

More and more awareness campaigns are being put forward to make the population aware of the dangers of the sun. Risks not to be taken lightly: "1 in 5 people develop some form of skin cancer during their lifetime, melanoma in 1 in 75 cases. It is mainly people with type 1 or 2 skin that are exposed. The public continues to under -estimate the phenomenon of skin cancer. It does not protect itself adequately from the sun. "Source of extract

To learn more on the subject, I invite you to visit the site of the foundation against cancer which is full of information on the subject: .

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