La Collection Hiver 2018 est arrivée

Winter series 2018

"Herman headwear" winter 2018 series is ready to go to merchants and equip them for the next winter! Page: 1

You know what?

A new collection is an important work cycle, which needs several months of thinking, research and development. Creating a collection is not only a style, but also a kind of creativity, through shooting and creating catalogues; at the same time, there is a more administrative work: tracking procurement. Supplier selection, sampling request, finance, selection

This is an exciting and hard work. Let us tell you today:Our winter 2018 collection is finally ready

A collection that will go online on September 1, 2018.

We use this article to thank the store. sheNamur and shopssquareClothes lent to models when we took pictures It's a beautiful shot and I invite you to see it behind us. Instagram.

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